1. Social Media

From the recording DIGGzyland

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Social Media

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DIGGnitaries who Played:- ShynDIGG/Bass, guitars, keys, lead vox; Alicia Ortiz/Co-lead & bkgd vox; Jerome Jordan/Vox.


How do you end how news & media clout you?
How do you end how news & media clout you?
How do you end how news & media clout you?
How do you end how news & media clout you?

How, how, how …

Social Media trolls the environment
Of the weak ones who dwell online
So, you’ll think that you’re some pilot
But instead you’re a slave, owned & bound … to serve

There is a light on your face
Glare in your I-phone, enthralls your gaze
Dare to resign or maintain
as if a Glock’s at your dome, conveying

DANCE!! Mukka Lukka DANCE!!

Huff! Post!
Tik! Tok!
Hip! Hop!

Social Media daunts your focus
Plans to read books are put on your shelves
Friending strangers so you’re popular
And you’re binge watching ‘Flix on your cell

Your texting’s alternatively
dismissed me towards verbal debris
from ‘Spacing’ to ‘Face’ing
all worshipping these
worlds in 2D

Skip that Ad!!

Fill in the blanks! Fill it with blanks

News in the week once came from brilliant minds
So bested, like Kronkite’s pursued truths
Now through some feeds we’re fed opinions & lies
No sense in buying the Times for news scoops

Our bullshit’s reached an unbelievable high
Surfing a mudslide will consume you


[Hang ten!]
[Ski! Ski! Ski! Ski!]

©2019 InDIGGnation Music ASCAP. Composed & arranged by Michal George aka ShynDIGG .