1. Social Crime

From the recording DIGGzyland

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Social Crime

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DIGGnitaries who Played:- ShynDIGG/Lead vox, bass, guitar, keys; Alicia Ortiz/Co-lead vox; Laura Rotolo/bkgd & choir vox; Glen Mauser/Saxophones; Sean Dixon/Percussion; Miu/Vox.


Do me a favor.
What's in it for me?
Give of yourself
That's how I wish it could be
Call me your neighbor and you're into me
But only give when you're able to receive

A social crime!

America paints a face of beauty
While spending your dimes aggressively
Defunding kids
so, minorities flunk
While we trade guns
to them lauding our defeats
Blood will never mean you've won.

Soldiers with missiles
They're fighting for me
Taking away what becomes finality
They have the brink flow
And technology
A simple thing like peace
they cannot achieve

A social crime!

Religion this
And religion that
Which one is right?
The standard attack
East can't be yours
Cause He is for me
Two Deists, sublime

Oooh …

Hey listen, world
to my summary
Things may seem calm
but don't be naive
If you apply
for love as your lease
You should be one ,..
Hope it will increase

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!

You’re pretty, only to
those who think your guilt’s sublime;
those who think you’re cologne to the bone
Guilty on the stand
Guilty off it, too
Guilty of this land
Guilt free towards the Sioux. … How low

Blood will never mean you've won.

©2019 InDIGGnation Music ASCAP. Composed & arranged by Michal George aka ShynDIGG .