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Way Up in Harlem

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DIGGnitaries who Played:- ShynDIGG/Lead vox, keys, guitars; Sean Dixon/Drums, percussion, kalimba, congas; Julia Bonfim/Violins, bkgd vocals; Lydia Harrell/Bggd vox; Danny Lipsitz/Saxophones; Brother Love/Vox.


Way up in [Harlem]
Way up in [Harlem]
Way up in [Harlem]
You dance ,.. way up in [Harlem]
Way up in [Harlem]

Way up in [Harlem]
Raised up in [Harlem]
'A' Train to [Harlem]
Your brain's in [Harlem]
Remember [Harlem]

Protect your [Harlem]
Respect your [Harlem]
Invest in [Harlem]
Stay woke in [Harlem]
They'll take your [Harlem]
Educate [Harlem]

Way up in [Harlem]
Historic [Harlem]
Majestic [Harlem]
Progressive [Harlem]
Maintain your [Harlem]
Bring peace to [Harlem]
Spread love in [Harlem]
Bring strength to [Harlem]
No shade in [Harlem]
"Right On!" in [Harlem]
Stand up for [Harlem]
President [Harlem]
Embracing [Harlem]
No nigs' in [Harlem]

©2019 InDIGGnation Music ASCAP. Composed & arranged by Michal George aka ShynDIGG .