From the recording KaleiDIGGscope


Only a coward would shoot an innocent man Only a coward would slip a gun in his hand Only a coward would radio backup with lies Only a coward makes up he feared for his own life BLACK LIVES MATTER!! Only a coward would leave your body in the streets for many hours and shield your mom from your death scene Only a coward thinks guilt is tied to skin tone Only a coward, profiles someone for no reason Only a coward, thinks selling cigarettes deems choking as power to kill someone saying, "I can't breathe" BLACK LIVES MATTER!! They matter to meOnly a coward would shoot you forty-one times Only a coward make's sure the Jury's the Right kind Only a coward would prosecute, imitatinga judicial martyr while secretly helping the Defense Only a coward lay-waits a hooded Trayvon Only a coward would shoot a kid holding a toy gun[BLAND! BLAND! BLAND! BLAND!]BLACK LIVES MATTER!! They matter to me© 2017 InDIGGnation Music ASCAP. Composed, arranged & produced by ShynDIGG aka Michal Myke G Heni *Song Credits: Sean Dixon: Drums/percussion, Julia Laporta: Violins, Lydia Harrell: Lead & bkgd vocals, Reese: Bkgd vocals, ShynDIGG: Bass/ lead vocals/ guitars/ keys. Black Lives Matter To Me