Walter "Junie" Morrison's Passing of the Funk Before He Passed 

Walter "Junie" Morrison was a member of the Ohio Players in 1973. He passed on Jan' 21st 2017. Below is my recognition of his presence as my introduction to Funk. 

"Okay ,.. I think my love for funk happened the minute my older sister introduced me to the Ohio Players single, "Ecstacy" ... Not only was it an unusal guitar/bass riff ,.. but the piano line introducing each turn around could not be ignored ... Also Leroy 'Sugarfoot' Bonner's little subtle guitar riff laying low but not too deep was proof

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My Ten All Time Favorite Albums: #8 "There's a Riot Going On" [Sly & the Family Stone] 

"This is from an online FB music challenge where we were asked to list our 10 favorite albums for ten days. "There's a Riot Going On" was one of mine. Listing the title & group was not enough. I had to go into detail."   

Day 8 of 10 [10 days, 10 All Time Favorite Albums].

Oh, how I have waited to get to this one! I was going to save it for 10 but it's calling me. I had to decide between this or Sly & the Family Stone's "Stand" album. It was tough. Here's why Riot won out. The first time I heard "Family

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Woodstock 1969: [Director's Cut]. I Should Have Been There 

         So last night I caught a bit of 'Woodstock 1969: Director's Cut' on TCM. Seen it a million times. Anyone who knows me knows that I waited on Sly & the Family Stone's performance which was right after Santana'. And no matter how many times I watch, it always comes across as the most energetic and the coolest performance, ever. Being that it was the director's cut I was hoping that maybe a bit more of the Family Stone's set was injected into it. Perhaps another song performance from their set not

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