Musique Noire: "A blend of Funk, Rock, R&B, Soul, Rhythm & Roll, Pop & Hip-Hop."

DIGG DEEP's "InDIGGative Album" is a "Hit it & Quit it!!" Album ... No long jams here.

Musician Credits:- Sean Dixon [Drums, Congas; Nyabinghi drums]; Reese [Bkgd Vocals]; Delilah LadyDelish Tollinchi [Bkgd vocals]; Anais Alonso [Bkgd vocals]; Glen Mauser [Alto & Soprano Saxophone]; Laura Rotolo [Bkgd vocals]; **Ethan White [Keyboards]; Serena Eades [Violins]; Valerie Caro [Bkgd vocals]; Lydia Harrell [Lead & bkgd vocals]; Julia Laporta [Violins]; Thaddeus Hogarth [Harmonica & Bkgd vocals]; Colleen Marshall [Bkgd vocals]; Adam Ahuja [Piano].

ShynDIGG - Executive Producer & recording engineer. Sean Dixon - Mastering Engineer. Valerie Caro - Photography. Contact:-

© 2017 InDIGGnation Music ASCAP. Composed & arranged by ShynDIGG aka Michal Myke G Heni.

**Please note: Since the completion of this album, Ethan White [listed above] unfortunately passed away. He was an incredible keyboardist and a long time member of the group "Tortured Soul." His contributions to this album will always be deeply appreciated. He is missed but I will always be reminded of him.

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