Pop Soul music with strong melodies.

"PsycheDIGGlica" is a summary of DIGG DEEP's music up till now. This is "musique noire" ... A mixture of soul, rhythm & blues, funk, and hip-hop. The grooves are all upbeat. It is DIGG DEEP's form of POP music. Enjoy.

Musician Credits:- Sean Dixon [Drums, kalimba, congas, mastering engineer, vibes]; Storm Marrero [Lead & bkgd vocals]; Amy Paul [Bkgd vocals]; Brother Love [Bkgd vocals]; Tanya Thillet [Bkgd vocals]; Tarrah Reynolds [Violins, bkgd vocals]; Laura Rotola [Bkgd vocals]; Jennifer Hopper [Bkgd vocals]; Serena Eades [Violins]; Glen Mauser [Saxophones]; Alkebulan [Lead vocals]; Maria Christina Eisen [Saxophones]; Patricia Krueger-Henney [Additional vocals]; Reese [Bkgd vocals]; Julia Laporta [Violins, Bkgd vocals]; Frederika Krier [Violins]; Howard Alper [Bkgd Vocals]; ShynDIGG [Bass, lead & bkgd vocals, guitars, keyboards, drum programming].

Executive Producer - ShynDIGG Mastering Engineer - Sean Dixon Artwork - ShynDIGG Photography - Patricia Krueger-Henney Contact:-

©2017 InDIGGnation Music ASCAP. Composed & arranged by ShynDIGG aka Michal Myke G Heni.

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