DIGG DEEP - ShynDIGG - Bass, Lead Vocals; Sean Dixon - Drums, Mastering Engineer

DIGG DEEP started with the sole purpose of being a recording band and accumilating as many albums as life would allow. Ten albums is the goal. Presently there are five albums: InDIGGnation, RiDIGGulus, PerpenDIGGular, InDIGGative, & PsycheDIGGlica is a summary of the bands previous four albums with four new tracks. DIGG DEEP is mainly ShynDIGG, the bandleader, on bass, guitar, keys, & vocals. He is also the composer, arranger, producer, & recording engineer. Sean Dixon is the other member of DIGG DEEP as drummer, percussionist, recording & mastering engineer. Other musicians who are available for giggs & recordings are Storm - Ld vocals; Jerome Jordan - Guitar/vocals; Glen Mauser - Saxophone/keyboards; Julia Laporta-Bomfim, and a host of other musicians. DIGG DEEP began in 2005 after completing it's first album and also out of the frustration of playing numerous giggs for years [10] and not getting signed by record companies. Independence was a natural progression and as a result, ShynDIGG composed, recorded, & produced five albums beginning with InDIGGnation, then RiDIGGulus, PerpenDIGGular, InDIGGative, & PsycheDIGGlica. The newest album, KaleiDIGGscope, is now available at www.cdbaby.com/store. Thank you.

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