Gangland, Pt. 2

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Digg Deep


Gangland Pt II

Youth shoot the shoot …

Youth shouldn’t shoot the youth …


Once found out that in South Africa

the people whom committed all the dramas

they all were set free … Amnesty

All they had to do was admit the horrors


Now young men here in America

when you kill your brothers & your sisters

You might as well be … Amnestees

You differ not from the “Others & Resisters”


Politically they were very powerful

Now you should use your power to be political

Look at your skin … look at your kin

Is that how you want to win the battle?


A shot in the head may seem more merciful

than twelve days of torture … racial!

Results are the same … the victims … the same …

You’ve got to care a lot more ‘bout your people 


Youth shoot the shoot …

Youth shouldn’t shoot the youth …


You can’t hear your Mama scream [YEAH!!]

When you’re six feet under in a deep freeze … laying …

Filled with formaldehyde … still as stone … a pair of glossy eyes

Another young spirit free


Black on black crime just too ghetto long

Gangs held together by fear & guns

Vicious cycle only tends to prove

that’s not the only thing’s killing you


When the slur is on the loose   [Hey!]

it only tightens up the noose  [You claim …]  

you’re choking power from the name

as you hang your head in shame




Spray paint the wall

Tombstone for the ones who fall ya’ll

Rhymes that lead a child astray

Drug dealing Tom … sell out your Mom


You can’t hear your brothers scream!

©2010 InDIGGnation music ASCAP. Composed & arranged by Michal Myke G Heni aka ShynDIGG