Digg Deep
Digg Deep


When you walked in & smashed the vibe
Your mood engulfed the people 
And you spoke things so next to vile
That pushed pissed thoughts to lethal
You use your tweets to vent your lies
So you can trump the feeble
You used all Clinton had denied 
To spew Benghazi fables
And you won't release your tax files
Have you hidden sumpin’ illegal?
And you'll omit O's best designs
So you'll reap false credentials
They proved your wins' electoralized
But blew most popular people votes
And you told Comey that "You're fired!!"
As you cloaked Russian weasels
"The news, all fake" Your back up line
When you spit squat & drivel
And you wanna be the next Messiah 
But you're just plumb medieval

(c) 2017 InDIGGnation Music ASCAP. Composed & arranged by Michal Myke G Heni aka ShynDIGG.