Walter "Junie" Morrison's Passing of the Funk Before He Passed

Walter "Junie" Morrison was a member of the Ohio Players in 1973. He passed on Jan' 21st 2017. Below is my recognition of his presence as my introduction to Funk. 

"Okay ,.. I think my love for funk happened the minute my older sister introduced me to the Ohio Players single, "Ecstacy" ... Not only was it an unusal guitar/bass riff ,.. but the piano line introducing each turn around could not be ignored ... Also Leroy 'Sugarfoot' Bonner's little subtle guitar riff laying low but not too deep was proof that funk just doesn't happen in bass and drums ,.. nor within the obviousness of a funky Sharp 9th chord ... The only other track to exercise that subliminal funk is "Thank You [falettinmebemicelfagin]" ... Sly's linear gut-funk guitar picking in between Freddie's chang-a-lang chord and Larry's pluck-funk is where the funk centrally dwells ... It was the new position of funk ... But back to Ecstacy ... The vocal entry sez it all "Ahhhhh' ,.. followed by "wanna tell you 'bout my baby, by baby" ... The constant pleading with a melody not quite suited for this riff in D ... The voice was a different tone ... The execution was a different execution ... The scream was devastating as it was followed a tad later by "Lovingyouisecstacytomeherenow" ,.. all on a G note with a slight drop off on the last two words ... And just as I wrote the phrase above without space is exactly how it sounded to me and was my favorite line to sing ... I remember hearing Corey [Living Colour] Glover sing something once and I heard a little bit of Junie in his voice and phrasing ... Ever since then I wanted to know if he had ever been influenced by "The Walt" ... Regardless, Ecstacy was a first for me ... The stars of that song were Sugar's guitar, Clarence 'Satch' Satchel's sax solo, the piano line, the organ solo, the high voices in the background [Ohhh NO! Gonna never do without you] already setting the style to come later in '74. But the biggest star on that single was ,.. Walter "Junie" Morrison's lead vocal ... Rise Into Paradise, sir ... To me, you surely were a gift ... And the gift you've given me and others will always be unmatched." 

- Deacon DIGG
Originally written on Feb' 16th 2017
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